The Oyster Bar

You’ve got two hands – now you have more ways to use them.
Made for long days of gravel, bikepacking, & touring.


Size 52cm Currently In-Stock.

If you are interested but that is not your size, please let us know what size bar we should include in our next inventory batch  (42cm, 44cm, 46cm, 48cm, or 50cm) via the contact us page or email me at

These bars are not DH (downhill MTB) bars – the testing is different. Sure, gravel descents, a bit of singletrack perhaps, but don’t race your buddy on his V10 down Ft. William.


More about the Oyster Bar

  • Extensions are 22.2mm in diameter (the road bar part of it is 23.8 per usual) so that you can fit MTB grips on them.
  • Note that extensions do not stick straight out to side – they slope at same angle as tops of bar
  • The extensions do not impede resting your hands on the ramps or reaching down to the drops, so you aren’t giving up anything for them.
  • There are 4 bar ends to cap on these. All four ends must be covered with either a grip or bar-end cap. Bar-end caps are available on the Shop page.
  • If you want to run both brifters and flat bar brake levers, you will need a Problem Solver Cable Doubler. To make this easier, it’s available on the Shop page. Unfortunately they aren’t cheap.
  • These bars are not meant for racing other rides shoulder-to-shoulder, so don’t take these out to your local peloton, cyclocross, or crit.
  • These bars are not meant for downhill or cross-country trail riding, they are meant for vertical drops no greater than 12″.
  • Heat treated & anodized 6061 alloy
  • 10% of profits will go to environmental charities ranked as 4 stars on Charity Navigator, including Natural Resources Defense Council, Friends of the Earth, and Environmental Defense Fund.

Width Options

All Oyster Bars have a reach of 125 mm, a drop of 125 mm, and 60 mm of flare. Widths are measured like
a normal bar, c-to-c from the drops. For use with 31.8 stem. Available in black.

Extensions are long enough for a full-size grip, or a grip-shift grip + brake levers (in case you want to run brakes with dual cable pull from brifters). There is a 2cm difference between the centers of the flared drops, where normal handlebar width is measured, and the top area where the extensions are welded on, so total width of bar is size width + (13cm  x 2) – 2cm.

  • 42cm (at flared drops) with 13cm extensions = 66cm end-to-end at extensions


  • 44cm with 13cm extensions = 68cm end-to-end


  • 46cm with 13cm extensions = 70cm end-to-end


  • 48cm with 13cm extensions = 72cm end-to-end


  • 50cm with 13cm extensions = 74cm end-to-end


  • 52cm with 13cm extensions = 76cm end-to-end